Christian Holz

Researcher in Human-Computer Interaction at Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA

Christian Holz


Three new papers:

CHI 2017: Finding Common Ground: A Survey of Capacitive Sensing in Human-Computer Interaction

CHI 2017: Sparse Haptic Proxies -- Touch Feedback in Dense Virtual Environments

IMWUT 2017: DualBlink: A Wearable Device For Alleviating Dry Eyes and Computer Vision Syndrome


  1. Dementyev, A. and Holz, C.
    DualBlink: A Wearable Device to Continuously Detect, Track, and Actuate Blinking For Alleviating Dry Eyes and Computer Vision Syndrome. To appear in Proceedings of IMWUT '17, 19 pages. DualBlink project
  2. Grosse-Puppendahl, T., Holz, C., Cohn, G., Wimmer, R., Bechtold, O., Hodges, S., Reynolds, M. and Smith, J. Finding Common Ground: A Survey of Capacitive Sensing in Human-Computer Interaction. To appear in Proceedings of CHI '17, 24 pages. Capacitive Sensing Survey project
  3. Cheng, L.-P., Ofek, E., Holz, C., Benko, H. and Wilson, A. Sparse Haptic Proxies: Simulating Touch Feedback in Dense Virtual Environments Using Simple Passive Props. To appear in Proceedings of CHI '17, 10 pages. Sparse Haptic Proxy project
  4. Benko, H., Holz, C., Sinclair, M. and Ofek, E. NormalTouch and TextureTouch: High-fidelity 3D Haptic Shape Rendering on Handheld Virtual Reality Controllers. In Proceedings of UIST '16, 717–728. Honorable mention. NormalTouch project
  5. Kao, H.-L.C., Holz, C., Roseway, A., Calvo, A. and Schmandt, C. DuoSkin: Rapidly Prototyping On-Skin User Interfaces Using Skin-Friendly Materials. In Proceedings of ISWC '16, 16–23. DuoSkin project
  6. Holz, C. and Bentley, F. On-Demand Biometrics: Fast Cross-Device Authentication. In Proceedings of CHI '16, 3761–3766. On-Demand Biometrics project
  7. Hinckley, K., Heo, S., Pahud, M., Holz, C., Benko, H., Sellen, A., Banks, R., O'Hara, K., Smyth, G. and Buxton, W. Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction. In Proceedings of CHI '16, 2869–2881. Pretouch project
  8. Holz, C. and Knaust, M. Biometric Touch Sensing: Seamlessly Augmenting Each Touch with Continuous Authentication. In Proceedings of UIST '15, 303–312. Biometric touch sensing project
  9. Jin, H., Holz, C. and Hornbæk, K. Tracko: Ad-hoc Mobile 3D Tracking Using Bluetooth Low Energy and Acoustic Signals For Cross-Device Interaction. In Proceedings of UIST '15, 147–156. Tracko mobile 3D tracking project
  10. Chen, Y., Bentley, F., Holz, C. and Xu, C. Sharing (and Discussing) the Moment: The Conversations that Occur Around Shared Mobile Media. In Proceedings of MobileHCI '15, 264–273. PairappMessaging project
  11. Holz, C., Bentley, F., Church, K. and Patel, M. "I’m just on my phone and they’re watching TV": Quantifying mobile device use while watching television. In Proceedings of TVX '15, 93–102. TV+mobile devices project
  12. Holz, C., Buthpitiya, S. and Knaust, M. Bodyprint: Biometric User Identification on Mobile Devices Using the Capacitive Touchscreen to Scan Body Parts. In Proceedings of CHI '15, 3011–3014. Bodyprint project
  13. Bentley, F., Chen, Y. and Holz, C. Reducing the Stress of Coordination: Sharing Travel Time Information Between Contacts on Mobile Phones. In Proceedings of CHI '15, 967–970. Honorable mention. Time Away project
  14. Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. Fiberio: A Touchscreen That Senses Fingerprints. In Proceedings of UIST '13, 41–50. Best paper award. Fiberio project
  15. Baudisch, P., Pohl, H., Reinicke, S., Wittmers, E., Luehne, P., Knaust, M., Koehler, S., Schmidt, P. and Holz, C. Imaginary Reality Gaming: Ball Games Without a Ball. In Proceedings of UIST '13, 405–410. QuantumBall project
  16. Steins, C., Gustafson, S., Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. Imaginary Devices: Gesture-Based Interaction Mimicking Traditional Input Devices. In Proceedings of MobileHCI '13, 123–126. Imaginary Devices project
  17. Braenzel, A., Holz, C., Hoffmann, D., Schmidt, D., Knaust, M., Luehne, P., Meusel, R., Richter, S. and Baudisch, P. GravitySpace: Tracking Users and Their Poses in a Smart Room Using a 2D Pressure-Sensing Floor. In Proceedings of CHI '13, 725–734. Honorable mention. GravitySpace project
  18. Holz, C., Grossman, T., Fitzmaurice, G. and Agur, A. Implanted User Interfaces. In Proceedings of CHI '12, 503–512. Implanted User Interfaces project
  19. Richter, S., Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. Bootstrapper: Recognizing Tabletop Users by their Shoes. In Proceedings of CHI '12, 1249–1252. Bootstrapper project
  20. Gustafson, S., Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. Imaginary Phone: Learning Imaginary Interfaces by Transferring Spatial Memory from a Familiar Device. In Proceedings of UIST '11, 283–292. Imaginary Phone project
  21. Holz, C. and Wilson, A.D. Data Miming: Inferring Spatial Object Descriptions from Human Gesture. In Proceedings of CHI '11, 811–820. Data Miming project
  22. Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. Understanding Touch. In Proceedings of CHI '11, 2501–2510. Understanding Touch project
  23. Augsten, T., Kaefer, K., Meusel, R., Fetzer, C., Kanitz, D., Stoff., T., Becker, T., Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. Multitoe: High-Precision Interaction with Back-Projected Floors Based on High-Resolution Multi-Touch Input. In Proceedings of UIST '10, 209–218. Multitoe project
  24. Holz, C. and Baudisch, P. The Generalized Perceived Input Point Model and How to Double Touch Accuracy by Extracting Fingerprints. In Proceedings of CHI '10, 581–590. The Generalized Perceived Input Point Model project
  25. Holz, C. and Feiner, S. Relaxed Selection Techniques for Querying Time-Series Graphs. In Proceedings of UIST '09, 213–222. Relaxed Selection Techniques project

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